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This Wiki is About me & all the projects I have going, (Novels, Comics & Sonic Hacks)

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About MeEdit

My name is Christian Lee Gilley. Birthday is 6-14-85 I am a Novelist, and am trying to hack my own Sonic The Hedgehog Games. I also know how to fix minor computer problems, Add & remove hardware like hard drives & Whatnot.

Novels & ComicEdit

Melissa's Way, Dragon Soul Z, Phantoman, Fantasy, Mindstate, The Untitled Book Of Death & Healing

Melissa's WayEdit

An 18 year old girl named Melissa, who's parents died when she was younger, has been living life, with no guardian. She knew how to care for herself. And since her parents were rich, she inherited the money, yet never lost sight of herself.

Dragon Soul ZEdit

a take on Dragonball/Z/GT/Kai. The Original title was Dragon Age & was NOT suppose to be a take on the Dragonball Series, but months after Microsoft released a game called Dragon Age & I had to change the title & Direction. 10 years after the GT era, Drake, along with his home planet, Flare, was destroyed by one of their own kind, a Draco named Flamzen. Some Draco's managed to flee to earth.

This story circled around Icarus.


A take on Batman.

Chris Giles, a scientist, is Phantoman. His parents was killed by someone calling himself "The Slayer." He seeks to have his revenge. Avenged his parents death & Protect the city. The Slayer was destroyed before Chapter 2 began, where his creator, Lady Satan - Latan, Is the new villan.


There is just so much in this world to do.


Ever wondered about those personas...

The Untitled Book Of Death & HealingEdit

This is one of my newest books i've been working on. Braden, His parents was killed by an alien spaceship. However the being inside, Only absorbed their life force to live. He is 18 now, she is 36, and according to the rules of her planet, the first person he/she sees, they are to marry.

Sonic NebulaEdit

Basicly Sonic using the Nebula Spritesheet. The special Stages will be cancelled out since emeralds will be findable in zones.

Scrapped ProjectsEdit

My Sonic 1 Hacking had scrapped projects. There is one which had Sonic do a Spring Jump & a Dash that used Super Sonic art data. The Spring Jump ain't entirely scrapped, but is carried over to RIS1:AGBW as an incomplete upward Slash, while Sonic's Dash was just a Jump Dash modded. This also was carried over as Richter's Dash, though is incomplete as well. A Super Richter that used alternate Richter sprites, was scrapped as well.

Hiatus ProjectsEdit

Project Naruto, which is Uzumaki Naruto in sonic 1, . Naruto on the other hand, a bunch of ASM coding is needed for all his weapons & techniques, unlike Richter which has only two coded in. Also lacks "Super" mode, which in this case, need to study up on how Sonic 3 & Knuckles handles Super Sonic.

Richter In Sonic 1: A Gate Between Worlds which is Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series in Sonic 1. He's only 75% done. The techniques he Lacks is Slide, Slide Jump, Spin kick & Weapons (Including Vampire Killer). The title was suggested by PacGuy over on SonicGamesDimension.

Youtube PoopsEdit

Yes, even I do some. None scrapped. working on a YTP RAW

Youtube Poop Music VideosEdit

I've only done two so far, one in the makes, one in the Planning stages which uses Song Of Healing as the base.

Misc VideosEdit

Home Videos, Star Trek TNG - The Wrong Button, Reversed Music, & in the planning stages is a Bitstrip Video based on Supernatural using one of my "Personas" (see below)


Personas include my normal self, Clones, Drones, Bleh (usually seen on computers) & Demon-Self based off Supernatural. (Season 3 Dean-Mon is canon to Season 10 by the way)